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 What is WorkloadCentral?

WorkloadCentral is a community dedicated to understanding the I/O workloads of applications and their impact on the infrastructure that supports them in the Cloud or in the data center. In today's world of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data, application performance is driven by the performance of the data. WorkloadCentral is a free cloud-based workload analysis service and community that offers access to an extensive library of cross-industry workloads and models for both IT end users and storage vendors. 




WorkloadCentral allows you to quickly and easily, learn about, understand and analyze your workloads, create and share workloads across the community. As we know at WorkloadCentral in today's Big Data World Application Performance is a function of the storage workload. WorkloadCentral is designed to enable collaboration across the storage lifecycle between storage vendors, their partners and customers. WorkloadCentral allows you to quickly and easily, learn about, understand and analyze your workloads, create and share workloads across the community and provides:
  • Workload education and why they are important to storage lifecycle management and ensuring application performance
  • Free upload, reporting, analysis and characterization of your existing production workload 
  • Workload templates,  models and examples for sizing new storage deployments and conducting what-if analysis based on production workload data
  • Workload Community Library to enable you to easily share your workload models with colleagues, partners and vendors

Workload Central is powered by Virtual Instruments® Storage Performance Validation technology.

What is a Workload?

A workload can be broadly defined as the I/O patterns and data generated by applications and servers against networked storage. When these requests are analyzed in terms of IOPs, read/write percentages, sequential/random behavior, file/block size distribution, data/metadata mix, storage targets, etc., These I/O characteristics can be used as the basis for modeling that workload, to support and improve workload management across the storage lifecycle.



How do I join WorkloadCentral?

WorkloadCentral is a free service! You can join WorkloadCentral by simply choosing Join the Community (see below) from the WorkloadCentral Homepage and filing the registration page.   Your registration will be reviewed by WorkloadCentral and once approved you will be notified by email.   When you log into WorkloadCentral for the first time you will be asked to review and accept the end user agreement for WorkloadCentral.


To join WorkloadCentral you will require a valid email for both your username and to notify you once your registration has been approved.

The registration page is straight forward and requires a valid email address as the user name.

If you not a user of WorkloadCentral you can become one easily and quickly selecting "Join the Community" at the top of the page or Sign-In. By becoming a user of WorkloadCentral you'll be able to analyze your workloads, share and download workloads within the workload library.

For more information on Workloads and WorkloadCentral see the following:



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