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 The Workload Library


At the Heart of WorkloadCentral is the workload library, which allows you to upload, share and download workloads.

You can easily access different categories of workloads in the Library straight from the home page. Simply click on the category or you can mouse over and choose sub categories directly. This will take you to a listing of all the workloads within that category. You do not have to be logged in to browse or view workloads, only to upload, create or download workloads.

The Workload Library displays a list of workloads that match the selection from the Home page. If you simply select Library from the menu bar you the Workload Library will show the Workload Templates provided by Virtual Instruments

The Library has three sections that can be selected:

The Workload Library is the heart of the WorkloadCentral Community. This the mechanism that enables you to find, share and download workloads from Virtual Instruments and the community.

For more information see: The Workload Library. You can reach the Library from the Homepage or selecting Library from the menu bar on any page. 

You must be logged into WorkloadCentral in order to upload, download or clone workloads.


Before you can download items from Workload Templates or Workload Examples you must clone the workload (See: Cloning Existing Workloads). Community workloads can be downloaded directly without cloning.

To download a workload simply click on to start download the workload. The download will
be a zip file containing the files required to run that specific workload.


For more information on importing and exporting workloads to and from the Workload Library see the following sections:

For more information on Workloads and WorkloadCentral see the following sections:

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